We are a group of consultants with experiences in strategy, finance, supply chain and technology.
With these experiences, we are responsible for project management and/or delivering solutions to achieve a project goal.
Consultants of R.D.Works, even when they are at a project management role, are able to communicate well
with solution architects, as they have experiences from specialized modules.
Solution architects, on the other hand, also have strong leadership skills and are able to align
with project managers for improving/maintaining efficiency and quality.

Project management

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Solution (System/Operation renovation/implementation)

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Supply Chain
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Organization restructuring
Improving internal communication
Change management support


Business process change
Building/improving cost management
Implementing/reforming finance management systems

Supply chain

Business process change
Building sales&operation planning process
Implementing/reforming supply chain systems
Building business evaluation indexes by store/channels


Building BI (Business Intelligence)
Maintenance support after new system implementation
Package selection support
Building MDM (Master Data Management)
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R.D.Works is a group of consultants experienced in supporting clients with business renovation, organization restructuring and system implementation.
We provide consulting services from project management through to all phases - solution design, build and implementation.