Our idea of a "best performance" involves providing a path for our clients' goals
according to their needs, leading the way, and to render an output that is beyond expectation.
A consultant's proposal - no matter how well it is constructed - is nothing if "Realization
(reflecting output into reality)" is not possible.
We promise to deliver unique and simple output that can be Realized (taken into reality)
and Described (by our clients' own words).

R.D.Works is a group of professionals that keeps this promise.
Ever since our foundation, we have been involved with our clients through diverse projects
such as system implementation, business renovation and structure change.
During our projects, we are often mistaken as employees of our clients, working beyond
organizational borders with our seamless efforts as we strive to achieve our goals.

A new system going live, a new business to start, a new organization kicking off.
In all their different ways, they are all goals of a project as well as the beginning
of new history for our clients.
It is our pleasure as consultants to provide support that enables our clients to pursue
their business independently, as new history begins, as comfortably as possible.
Thus, the end of a project, that is the beginning of new history, is as delightful
as the first encounter with our clients.
We hope to continue meeting as many clients as possible
and supporting them in making new history.

Chief Executive Officer
Hideki Saito

R.D.Works is a group of consultants experienced in supporting clients with business renovation, organization restructuring and system implementation.
We provide consulting services from project management through to all phases - solution design, build and implementation.