New business

R.D.Works supports our clients to move on to the business fully utilizing new technologies, such as robotics, AI and biometric authentication.
Since 2014, R.D.Works has started working in the projects, for which the key solutions were the new technologies, and overcomed many obstables with our clients.

We face the new technologies with our strengths but not just go straight for them.
We set the goal and provides a consultation to achieve it, just in the same way as traditional system implementation.
Our assets are the use cases, the information learnt from various vendors, and also the project experiences.
They are fully utilized to project the product design for the next generation and the advanced sales strategy.

Please see the link below fo the information related to our partner, a biometric vendor Saffe.
R.D.Works collaborates with Saffe as a domestic sales agent.

saffe image saffe image

R.D.Works is a group of consultants experienced in supporting clients with business renovation, organization restructuring and system implementation.
We provide consulting services from project management through to all phases - solution design, build and implementation.